4 things I do daily that have changed my life
Here are 4 daily habits that have changed my life. I have tried a few different things over the last decade. Always keen to try something. However I’m also one of those people that unless I sense some kind of improvement mental, emotional or physical fast, I probably won’t want to stick to it.
But these little (daily) habits have changed the way I think and therefore my life overall.



This one has changed EVERYTHING! Seriously, there is nothing like waking up early, before ‘the world’ is up, when everything is still quiet. For me that means waking up at 5am and I like to use that time productively. For the next two hours I will:
-go for a run
Plus I’ll have had my shower and breakfast and all that by 7am! Talk about a productive morning.
What I love the most about this habit is that I feel productive, I feel on top of things, plus I’m not rushing to get out the door to wherever I need to go and that makes me happy.



It was only by ‘chance’ that I took up the habit of cold showering after my boiler died one day. Result: No hot water for 3 days. Rather than not showering I decided to take my courage with my too hands and do it anyway. I don’t know about you but I personally used to think that I hated cold showers until I had that first one. The buzz I felt in my body after that initial shower was amazing! Which in turn got me really curious and after some googling I found quite a whole heap of benefits like, improving skin and hair, improve circulation and immunity. You can read the article HERE.
Amongst all the benefits, the one that really got me going was the mental strength benefit. It does take mental strength and discipline to take a cold shower everyday, (yes, i only have cold showers now). But over time, the mental strength that comes from this habit will transpire in all aspects of your life.



I never new just how LIFE CHANGING working in increment is! THIS you must try. Working in increment means that I will set my timer for 30mins for any given task or chores. And it works wonders. I don’ t really know how it works but it works.
There is something about knowing that you have a given amount of time to finish a task that actually makes us more productive. I absolutely achieve MUCH more when I increment and waste LESS time. I don’t use any particular app, I simply use the timer on my phone. But there are a few APPS available such as the POMODORO method (see here). Seriously you must try incrementing, the best part is that you are free to choose how much time you want to dedicate to your chores. I found that 30 mins works really well for me.



This is a must do if you want to keep yourself inspired, motivated and focused. There simply is no other alternative unless you are already surrounded by individuals that inspire you. I read and watch a vid usually on youtube daily. The reason is that I have noticed a huge difference when I do and when I don’t.
It’s easy to get bogged down by the busy-ness of our life, our routine, our responsibilities and for not being where we want to be. Exposing ourselves to content that inspires us is like igniting a spark inside of us that it IS possible, whatever IT is. It helps us broaden our perspective and not be so self centred. I love this quote:

‘You are the five people you spend the most time with’

If the 5 people closest to you don’t truly inspire you, don’t panic! You can STILL surround yourself with inspiring people through books and audios and videos.
I hope you found this post helpful. I’d love to know what daily habits you practice that have changed your life?

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