4 tips to BOOST your creativity

In this post I want to share with you 4 tips to help you BOOST your creativity. These 4 tips are my must go to when I am feeling out of flow or ‘empty’. What I personally believe is that we are ALL creative, we ARE creative beings and creativity is an integral part of who we are. The question is not whether we are creative or not, but instead how can we step INTO our creativity.

Exploring and stepping into our creative energy is integral to our wellbeing. I believe that people who are able to tap into and express their creativity are happier and have a sense of being more fulfilled.

When we are expressing our creative side we feel like we are living our purpose. Our heart opens and we are filled with this inner fire.

We communicate and share with the world things that contribute to other people. In the end, our creativity is not ours to keep, it is there to share with others. Our creativity does not belong to us and when we are not sharing it, or when we feel ‘blocked’ or uncreative this is when we tend to feel frustrated. We can also often feel like we are not living our potential and purpose.

“Being creative is not only our birthright but it is also our gift to the world”

The thing though is to try not to have expectations about what your creativity should look like. I think one of the ailment to our creative juice is that we try so hard to control it. We can get frustrated when it’s just not flowing.

But there ARE ways to invite creativity into our lives.

There ARE ways to be more in flow with our creative side.

Creative flow doesn’t just happen though it can but usually, for most people, our creative flow is like a garden. We have to bring our attention to it, we have to nurture, nourish and work on it. The good news that if you tend to that side of you, you WILL get your creative juice flowing again. So let me share my TOP 4 tips to help you BOOST your creativity!

Are you ready? Let’s dive in and get that creative juice flowing.


Nature is SO important for many different reasons INCLUDING helping us get our creative juice flowing again. Nature is essentially what we are. It is part of us and is necessary to our mental, emotional, physical AND creative well-being. When we cut ourselves off from nature, we also cut ourselves off something that is a part of US, of what we are.

Nature IS life and a creative force in and of herself and every time we spend time bathed in nature, we fill our cups up. We fill our being with that creative energy. Spending time in nature recharges us and the more we do spend time in nature the more we will want to spend time in it.

There are certain habits I have when I spend time in Nature to help me recharge and be totally present.
1. I take me shoes off and plant my feet firmly on the ground because I LOVE feeling the energy of the earth buzzing through my feet and because of all the healing that is taking place each time we do this.
2. I listen to the song of birds. This is one of my ALL time favourite things to do
3. I hug trees – as weird as it may sound, hugging trees isn’t just some hippie thing, hugging trees has a great many benefits which Matthew Silverstone explores in his book BLINDED BY SCIENCE


Moving our bodies works wonders at getting our creative flow pumping! A whole lot happens in terms of physiological and hormonal activity every time we engage in exercise.

We don’t need to exert ourselves however taking the time to do 30 mins of exercise daily is a great creativity booster.

What I have personally found is that my creative flow is off the roof overtime I do long stretch of physical activity such as Hiking!

I find that being surrounded with nature AND exercising for long hours truly truly does something on all levels, physical, emotional and creative wise. It is no secret now that there is a direct correlation between our creativity levels AND excercise.

3. ASK

By ask I literally MEAN ask. When was the last time you asked yourself and the universe to assist you with your creative flow?

What’s interesting is that most people totally forget to ask for what they want. We think of asking in terms of when we need something,

like an item

or a favour from someone yet we often forget to ask OURSELVES for the very things we have identified we require.

Often times, the things we require we can absolutely provide ourselves but we must first ask.

I pretty much ask the universe, my divine team mates (aka spiritual guides) for assistance ALL.THE.TIME.

Why? Because it is only through the process of ASKING that you are able to RECEIVE and asking for more creativity is no exception.

Every time I feel like my creative juice isn’t flowing how I’d like, I will ask for assistance. Now don’t expect for a direct or instant answer. What I find happens with me is that I will ask and some moments during the day something will come up, an idea, or most of the time lots of ideas and that is when I KNOW that my prayers have been answered.

We can get answers through different means,

whether from a thought,

from what someone will say to you,

from something you will see that will bring you to that initial question.

Simply ask and watch the magic unfold! You will be very surprised.


One of the things I love doing also is to quiet up. By that I mean, to consciously focus on ‘no thoughts’. This is a practice that most people achieve through meditation, even through exercise. Personally I like to do this as often as I remember to.

Quietening the mind, means that I am giving myself a break. I am giving my mind a break and allowing for a new opening to be created. The mind is constantly thinking to a point that is truly necessary and unhealthy. The practice of ‘no thoughts’ is much harder than you may think and that is exactly why it is necessary.

Quietening the mind also allows us to hear the truest part of our being,

you know that little voice that we often don’t hear because our mind is so loud all the time analyzing the past or worrying about the future? Yep, that one.

But that little voice that is deep inside IS also the creative force and the more we quieten up, the more we will hear it. This practice definitely requires… well practice BUT it will work wonders on getting your creative flow on.

What are your tips for creativity boosting? I’d love to find out so please comment below and let me know.

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