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YAYE!! I am so excited to share the book of the month with you today. The book of the month is:

The Unthetered Soul: The journey beyond yourself By Michael Singer.


This book is a life changer, it will expand your mind and bring you face to face with some real truth. I seriously could not put this book down from the moment I started reading it.
I am quite an avid reader of all topics relating to consciousness, expansion and ‘spiritual growth’ and this book certainly did not disappoint.
Although I was quite familiar with the concept presented in the book, I found it nonetheless fascinating, easy to read AND easy to comprehend.
I also enjoyed the analogies used by the author throughout the book to assist in the comprehension of each topics.


The book is similar to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Gary Zukav which are amongst my fav authors. Some of the key concepts covered are:

Living life through presence and self-awareness.

The soul as a divine creator, the universe.

Thoughts and how they impact our reality.

Non attachment, duality, happiness as a choice.

Surrender as a vehicle towards greater awareness.


I resonate deeply with the concepts of this book and it has inspired me to practice the notion of happiness as a choice rather than a consequence. What this means is that true happiness is found within. We have all heard this before but personally I am not sure that many of us actually understand the true meaning, myself included.


Choosing happiness means that no matter what happens on an external level, we remain committed to being happy. We consciously choose NOT to get involved into the drama and trauma of the mind. By doing so, we elevate our vibration which in turn helps the consciousness of this planet.
Choosing to live life through conscious choice is what I have come to understand as being the life towards greater freedom. It is only when we are truly conscious about our choices that we are free.
I will definitely read this book again. There are a few more concepts that I would like to familiarise myself with. I highly highly recommend this book if you are curious about what spiritual growth entails. I also recommend the book if you are ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level.
What ‘spiritual’ book(s) have you read that you could recommend to me? I would love to find out so please feel free to leave a comment below.

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