The ONE thing that will change your life

There is ONE single element above any others that has the power or should we say that IS the power to change your life


Most people think that TAKING ACTION is what will change their lives. And yes, that is true  to some extent. But it’s NOT taking action that truly has the power to get your life where it want it to be. Taking action is only the RESULT, the CONSEQUENCE of that single element.

The element that has true power to change it all for you is your MIND.

It comes down to what you believe.
What you believe determines what actions you take.
The actions you take determine what results you get.

Sure you CAN take action and NOT believe that you WILL achieve what you set out to achieve but the likelyhood of actually achieving that goal are slim.

What is more likely is that you will give up or get discouraged BEFORE you reach your goal. OR you might reach that goal and end up self-sabotaging because you didn’t believe you deserved it in the first place.

There is SO MUCH talk out there about the mind. For good reasons. Most of us are not aware that our minds is ruling us if we let it. Most of us, bend to the will of our undisciplined mind. We think we are victims of our reality. We go about our days, thinking we don’t have that much choice, that there are external things outside of us that determine whether we can get what we want.

That is a lie!

Your mind likes to lie to you. Because there is NO-thing out there that you could not have if you really believed you could have it. NOTHING.

Remember the famous quote by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

‘what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’

Belief creates mindset

Mindset creates action

Action creates result that EQUAL the mindset.


It’s a simple formula.

Whatever it is YOU believe IS (already) and WILL be your reality.

The catch is in knowing EXACTLY what you believe. A lot of the time we don’t even know what we truly believe. We think we know but do you REALLY know?

The first step to creating a MINDSET is to acknowledge what you believe NOW.

You can’t bypass this step. You cannot change something if you are not even aware of it. You wouldn’t bake a chocolate cake if you did not know which ingredients to use? right? It’s the same with your mindset.

A mindset is like a work of art, it is something that you NEED to tend to EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

A strong mindset is not something that you do occasionnally when you feel like it.

You spend time on your mindset like your life depends on it. You cultivate it. You spend time on | with it.

You respect it. You respect YOU.

Taking action without first KNOWING what you really believe IS like baking a cake without really knowing what ingredients to use. Or kinda of knowing what ingredients to use. The cake is NOT going to come out great even if the intention is there.

When you want something you have to know what you are dealing with. And if you don’t then observe yourself.

The best way to observe yourself is to

LOOK around at your current situation. Is it great | awesome | on its way to being awesome or not?

LOOK at the people you hang out with. Are they positive, motivated, ambitious, happy people or not?

LOOK at your own thoughts. When you have a goal that you want to achieve, what is the recurring feeling, you feel?

Joy? Happiness? Passion? or discouragement, frustration, helplessness?

The way you feel IS your greatest indicator of what you believe. Because you may not even hear yourself when you downtalk.

To change your life you will have to pay attention to how you feel.


How you feel = what you believe!

So once you have identified what you believe about YOU (this is always about you), once you have identified how you feel most of the day, every day, you can start to change if you want.

You do this by first being kind to yourself. Acknowledging something does NOT mean that you encourage what is. Most people don’t want to be kind to themselves because they think that if they are, then they will continue to do that very thing they wish to stop doing.

That’s one way to look at it. The way I see it, is that the moment you acknowledge something is not going how you want it to, you open up a space to transform it. NOT because you are impatient, frustrated, angry, resentful but simply because it’s not working for you. There doesn’t need to be an emotional charge to it.

Adding emotional drama is great if you want to, but it’s not necessary. And by the way, it’s also a choice. Whether you want to be all dramatic about something or not is always a choice.

My way to look at it is that the kinder you are with yourself, the less charge you have against yourself and THAT is what allows us to change. When you are no longer in polarity. We are not changing BECAUSE we need to. We are changing because we want to. It’s not the same. And it doesn’t create the same result.

Why not?


What we create in the future is ONLY ever a reflection of our thoughts in the NOW.

To change your life, you have to face your fears. To acknowledge them is the first step to transforming them.

Once you KNOW your fears and acknowledge them you can CHOOSE.

You’ll have choice to say

‘ok, I really want to […] and I don’t believe I can do it but i will try anyway just for today’

and then do it again the next day. One day at a time. No one is asking you to project any further than this moment. What can you do NOW. In THIS moment.

And when you fall off the horse, ACKNOWLEDGE it and get back on the horse again OR don’t.

What matters is what you want AND what you believe about that thing you want.

Remember that every person that managed to realise their dreams did not do so overnight. EVER.

It takes, work, sweat and BELIEF!.

The work and the sweat is part of the deal. THE BELIEF is the KEY element between whether you succeed at your goal or not.

So grab a pen and a paper and write down the things that you actually do believe about yourself. And choose what you would rather believe instead.

Your beliefs are only ever as true as you make them AND the moment that you KNOW that your beliefs are no longer working for you, you can choose to change them.

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