Change doesn’t happen overnight, but doing this will change your life!

Transformation doesn’t occur over night but with consistency and focus change is inevitable.

One of THE most effective thing you can do to change your life is to start a morning routine… and stick to it.
Now stay with me on this because as cliché, boring or even un-important as it sounds, this simple tweak added to your everyday life has the potential to transform it in GREAT ways.
Is it any coincidence that the greatest men and women of our times have a morning ritual?
 The truth is that your monring ritual prepares you for the day, not only that but it allows you:
 – To stay on track with your goals
 – To focus on the things that are important, meaning all the things that require your commitment over a long period
 A morning routine means that you prioritise, that you are focused and that no matter what, you are also dedicated to whatever you have decided to accomplish.
 The morning ritual
Morning rituals don’t need to be huge and they should not be overwhelming either BUT they do need to be incorporated into your everyday life for transformation to occur…if you are intent on creating change in your life.
A morning routine means that you commit to taking specific actions every single morning, you commit to taking actions that will take you closer to the life you would like to create for yourself.
I LOVE my morning routine and I love how it makes me feel, PRODUCTIVE. FOCUSED. ON TRACK. ENERGISED!
For example my morning routine involves 4 things that are NON negotiable! These things are the basis for my day, in that order:
  • Waking up at 5am
  • Going over my to do list
  • Writing (30 mins)
  • Exercise (45 mins max).
 These 4 elements may not seem like much BUT they absolutely set the pace for my day and they absolutely mean that I do what matters most according to my goals before the day gets in the way.
I love knowing and feeling that I have accomplished A LOT even before the day starts!
Of course this means that there are certain things that I am willing to NOT do if it means that it will impact on my routine the next day. For example, going out all night is a big NO, unless it’s a special event or something I really want to attend. I need my 8 hours sleep to feel great the next day.
The only times there will be variations are weekends, I am willing to be flexible on weekends but during the week, the routine remains.
I like knowing that everyday I am doing something that adds to my life!
I like being committed to creating a greater life for myself and I like how it feels when I am focused.
Waking up early is a great way to add extra hours to your day, it allows you to take the time to re-focus, to set your intention for the day, the week, the month. It is also a time where you are most calm, still and able to focus on the things that matter from a space of still-ness.

Adding a morning ritual / routine, shows that you are serious, and the only person you need to convince is you.

My whole life has changed since I chose to commit to a morning routine. Sure change does not happen over night but with time, consistency and focus, change IS inevitable!

Your actions create your reality so if you want a new reality you must change your actions.

You must indulge in actions that will add to your life and in the process take you closer to where you want to be.

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