TOP 10 things you can do if you don’t feel creative

“If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Here are 10 things you can do NOW that can help you when you don’t feel creative.

Creativity isn’t just for the select few. Creativity is a dormant energy within every single person on the planet, though it can take many forms, it is still available to anyone. I know that sometimes our creative juice simply ain’t flowing. But you don’t have to start feeling sorry for yourself because there ARE many things you can do that will boost your creativity ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel creative.


Do something new – doing this is a great way to get ‘over’ the creative slump is simply because it changes your routine up. Routine is the killer of creativity. Creativity needs to flow and to flow it also needs flow. Take your creativity as a river, to flow with ease it needs to grow into new places. When it stops moving, it also stops flowing and we know what water that doesn’t flow does. Our creative flow is the same. Do something new, expand into new places. You will never know what a new place will inspire. You’ll never know that a new skill will awaken a deep passion, new people with ignite new ideas. Doing something new is always a great way to invite your creative juice to start flowing again.


Take a cold shower – might sound unpleasant but trust me, cold shower is where it’s at. Not only does taking cold a shower have a whole heap of benefits like getting your blood pumping but it’s great for your creativity too. It will get you out of a mood, get your blood flowing and make your body feel good. Just give it a try, you might be surprised.


Set your intention – setting an intention is something we do naturally but most of the time we are not aware that we are doing it for those that are new to the topic or we may not even realise that we are intending the opposite of what we would actually like. There is a simple rule in this universe, ‘ask and you shall receive’ the thing is are you actually asking? If you feel like you are not ‘with it’, set your intention to unleash your creative flow for example. You don’t need to worry about HOW it’s gonna come about, all you need to do is intend it with your heart and let it go. If you do this the universe will respond, it always does, all you need to do is keep your eyes open for messages.


Move – this is possibly one of the most effective ways of getting your creative juice flowing when you don’t feel creative. There is a great book you can read if you want to know how movement and creativity work together.


Be silent in your head – this one may seem weird but creativity doesn’t come from the head. If anything it comes best when you are NOT thinking. Our creative power comes from something that is beyond the mental, the issue is that our mind is so busy thinking that we often can’t receive our creative flow. It’s a little like blocking the creative channel with constant thinking. Silencing the mind is a great practice, you can do so by meditating or simply by being present. Quietening the mind demands a lot of practice. It is only when we attempt to silence the mind that we realise just how much our mind is constantly talking.


Join a creative group – meeting new people can help tremendously. Part of the creative process is to expose ourselves to ‘the world’ out there, including people. Sometimes we can feel a creative slump just because we are stuck in a routine, surrounded by the same people. As become curious about new people and different perspective, you will also broaden your own perspective. It is often enough to be inspired when you surround yourself with people who are themselves creatives. Creativity is contagious so don’t hesitate.


Get inspired – one of the ways you can invite creativity back is to inspire yourself whether through the use of pictures, books, videos, blogs. Anything really. Creating a ‘creative’ folder where you can put all of your favourite inspo will help put you in the mood and it will also give you ideas. It’s especially helpful if you really don’t know where to start. Simply look around at what people out there are doing, and let it inspire you. Be sure to have an outlook that is positive. The aim here isn’t to feel bad because you’re not coming up with stuff ‘as’ good or ‘as’ creative. The idea is to allow yourself to FEEL inspired, to ignite within you that desire to take action regarding your creative endeavour.


Eat better – it is no secret that the quality of our food impacts the quality of our well being. That also includes the quality of our creative flow. The more processed your diet and the more foggy your thoughts. Clean eating = clear thinking. When we eat healthy, we feel energised, clear, and overall happy. The opposite is also true in that when we do not nourish our bodies with the nutrients it requires we feel lethargic, our system feels sluggish, our mind might feel foggy. Improving the quality of your food is a good way to reboot your system especially when you don’t feel creative.


Read books that will ‘reassure you’ – there are a ton of books out there that will inspire you but also ‘reassure’ you. Sometimes we think that others have it easy, not realising the amount of work other people do to get to the creative level they desire. Check out this post HERE for a list of the books you need to read that will change the way you understand creativity.


Trust yourself – if all of the above has failed, then you may either be looking for creativity in the wrong places or you may need to just leave it for a bit. One of my fundamental beliefs is that everything is always as it should be, regardless of what we actually ‘think’ and regardless of our ‘judgements’. So if you have tried all the above and your creative juice ain’t flowing, then chill out. You might find that the moment you stop worrying about it, is the moment creativity comes knocking at your door.
Did you find this article useful? I’d love to know what you do when you don’t feel creative. Let me know below.

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