How to choose what you really want

How to choose what you really want ?

Today I had one of those moments relating to the topic of how to choose what you really want. I was reading a post in my mail box and it hit me: CHOOSE IT or LEAVE IT alone.

Have you ever had those moments where you KNOW you need to do something but you keep doing the opposite?
Or one of those where you SAY you will do something and you really mean it …. and then you don’t?
For a long time I used to simply WANT to do things and then let myself down by not CHOOSING to do them.
I’d choose what felt easier instead. I’d choose what was less inconvenient instead. I’d choose short term gratification over what I TRULY wanted.
For a long time, I’d spend a LOT of energy getting upset at myself and beating up on myself as if THAT was going to change anything.
For a long time I had MANY excuses as to why I couldn’t. Because you see it wasn’t the right time, and I wasn’t ready, and I definetly didn’t know enough or let alone feel like it etc … etc.
I was a lot more invested into the WHYs i couldn’t do what I said i wanted than actually doing what i KNEW to do.
Until I realised that I couldn’t do this anymore, I couldn’t do it to myself. That was until I realised that if I did not DECIDE NOW, not tomorrow or next week, then to LEAVE IT.
I realised that if i did not make up my MIND about what I really wanted, then to at least let myself off the hook about it. To stop holding onto something that I really didn’t really want.
Because the truth is when we really really want something, we do what it takes. Period. And when we don’t, it doesn’t mean that it is wrong, that we are wrong but simply that we do not want it enough.
We dont want it enough to push through the barriers as they raise because barriers WILL rise up.
And there is nothing wrong there. But at least if we do not REALLY REALLY desire it, at least, to leave ourselves alone at once.
You see, it comes down to choice. It is always about CHOICE. And It is always about what you DECIDE to do in the NOW, not tomorrow or later.
Will you DECIDE to start living the life you say you want NOW or will you decide to wait a little longer until you feel better?
Will you DECIDE to CHOOSE to LIVE your dreams NOW or will you decide to keep going  after them in the hope of reaching them?
Will you DECIDE that you are WORTH dreaming and WORTH achieving or will you decide that only others can do it?
Are you willing and brave enough to ADMIT to yourself what you REALLY want or will you continue to tell yourself that you can’t really have what it is you want?
Are you brave enough to CHOOSE your dreams or will you continue to tell yourself the if only stories you’ve been believing for so long?
If there was ever a perfect moment to DECIDE to LIVE your life and to realise your dreams, NOW would be it.
If there ever was a moment when you could FINALLY DECIDE to do all you say you want to do, NOW would be the perfect moment
If there was ever a moment when you could DECIDE to commit to YOU, NOW would be the perfect moment.
So if you could DECIDE to choose it or leave it? What would you choose?

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