Feeling like shit? Try this simple technique

This is the simplest way I found to get over a shit day quickly so that the actual moment where you are feeling like shit doesn’t drag into a whole day or even into days.

Feeling like shit is normal, it happens to 99% of people that walk this earth because it’s ‘normal’. It’s part of our experience as humans. However there ARE ways to snap yourself out of a feeling like shit moment (which by the way is never a shit day but always a moment that we tend to drag way over time).

What I found is that when we feel like shit there are different ways to approach it. You can cry about it, you can be angry about it, you can be depressed about it etc OR you can DEAL with it.

What I found that works fast and quick is to do the opposite of what you ‘feel‘ like doing. Because know this, when you ARE having a shit moment, you are no longer aligned with your happy you and whatever you feel like doing is exactly what NOT to do.

HOWEVER there is a simple process here. First imagine yourself DOING that thing you feel like doing.
So maybe you feel like eating (over eating) because you feel like shit, the world feels like shit and the only thing that would feel anything close to good is stuffing yourself.

You want release of that shit moment, and binge eating is how many of us DEAL with our shit moments. Why? because it numbs us, it STOPS the shit feeling. It allows us to ESCAPE, to check OUT.

Checking out always gives us temporary relief because the feeling, the shit feeling will always come back.

It’s like a messenger who comes knocking at your door, it comes for a reason, there are things that need to be dealt with but because you don’t want to face these things, you don’t answer the doorbell, you ignore it, and you do so by checking out. Binge eating, shopping, drinking, mindless tv watching, etcetera. You ignore the doorbell so it leaves…until the next time.

When I have a shit moment, I indulge in it. What does that mean? It means that I already KNOW what will come of it. Of a shit moment. It will simply spread out into the day until the next until I manage to snap myself out of it.

In the past it used to take me a LONG time to snap out of a shit day. Because my mind would just brew and brew and the momentum would build and i’d end up releasing that tention with eating mainly. UNTIL i realised that doing THAT never gave me the release I was seeking. Because after I would feel even worse. And that’s when it ticked for me.

I realised that checking out was worse than facing the shit. So now I take myself into the future. Everytime I have a shit moment, first i indulge which means that I give myself permission to feel how i feel.

Heck i am feeling the shizz so i’m not going to pretend i’m not. At some point, you will feel pulled to do THAT thing, that thing that will bring you release, that will help you to check out. And when I feel that pull, i project myself in the future, knowing that i will feel WORSE after.

THIS simple process is much more powerful than you know. Because the moment that you are aware that if you DO choose to numb yourself, one of two things will happen.


  • ¬†your mood will shift. The moment you bring awareness into a situation, the moment you are present with what IS happening and that you know where your current emotional state is taking you, is the moment it has shifted. When this occurs you will feel inclined to NOT do what you first felt like doing.


  • you will do THAT thing anyway. In this case, you are too far in the momentum of the shit day. That’s ok. No point fighting it cause it’s not gonna work. At that point you can simply really indulge but using this simple technique. The what is, is technique.

That invovles saying out loud what is.

What is, is that I feel like shit
What is, is that I am angry with myself
What is is that I am tired exhausted and I can’t stand this anymore etc

at some point you’ll start to feel a shift, like relief and then you can start saying what you would like.

What is is that I want to feel great

What is is that I want to be happy


The point is to NOT be harsh with yourself. We all tend to condemn and judge ourselves for how we are feeling, but what we are feeling is what is and juding ourselves is not going to help. Imagine judging your best friend when she comes to you because she feels like shit. Doing that would make matters worse and so does it when we do it with ourselves.
So instead chill out. and project yourself into the future of that day.

What is going to come OUT of you lashing out at your partner, binge eating, spending all your cash, drinking. etc.
ANd then choose. It really all comes down to choice in the end. We think that we don’t have choice in moments like these, but we do. We are kidding ourselves everytime we think we have no choice. We are lying to ourselves. Because the truth is a LOT of the time, we actually like feeling sorry for ourselves. We actually feel a sense of gratification in being a victim. You don’t believe me? Then let me ask you this.

WHY do you continue to CHOOSE feeling like shit?

You ALREADY KNOW that it’ll make things worse yet you keep choosing it.

You ALREADY KNOW that it won’t bring you any closer to where you want to be yet you still choose it.

You ALREADY KNOW deep within that you CAN choose something different yet you still choose to feel like shit.

This is not so that you can feel bad. THere is nothing BAD about choosing what we choose. There is only what works for us in that moment. But KNOW that choose is available to you at ALL moments.

KNOW that even when all hell breaks loose that there is still CHOICE. Choice to keep feeling like shit or choice to let it go.

Remember, it all comes down to choosing. and there are ways to deal with feeling like shit. So next time you get a case of feeling like shit, try this and let me know how you go.

And remember practice makes perfect. Be patient with yourself, Be kind with yourself, Be free.

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