Learn how to transform your relationships
Learn how to transform your relationships

You know those relationships that make you feel upset. You can’t stand the person or they can’t stand you. It’s like no matter what, being in close vicinity to them awakens the dormant evil in you.
You probably wish they would go away, that they would disappear from your life. It seems whatever they do. They hold a special power, that of annoying the heck out of you and even though you delight at the thought of never seeing them again… like never ever.
Circumstances mean that you have to keep seeing them, way more than you would, either because they are family or because they happen to be work collegue.
The worst part is that THEY seem to take up a lot of space in your head. You can’t get them out of your head, you probably spend a LOT of time thinking about them, about what you would say to them, how you would act towards them, how you would tell them off and how great that would feel.
I’m here to tell you that there is a way to get them out of your head. There is a fast way to make these types of relationships less heavy.
It works but you probably won’t want to do it.
You might not even try it because it does not make sense to the ego to do it.
But I wanted to share it with you, in case, just in case, you have truly had enough of it.
In case you are ready to do something, anything to gain your control of your thoughts.
In case you are ready to say. stop! I’ve had enough, something has to change.


The miracle technique has nothing to do with that other person. In fact it has everything to do with you. And this is exactly where we’ll keep our focus.
Every time you are hating on someone
Every time someone is annoying the heck out of you
Every time you feel like killing someone
You can apply this simple technique.
As you hold the person that is causing you to react so much, ask yourself to drop your barriers down and say ‘sorry’. You don’t have to say it to the person, simply in your head.
Now stay with me a little.
You are not saying sorry because you did something wrong. You are not doing this from a space of superiority or inferiority. Saying sorry is never to another person but always to ourselves.
We apologies for the hurt WE are causing ourselves. We do this by holding onto thoughts, ideas, ideals, projections and expectations that are hurting US.
But I am not talking about a sorry that you say sarcastically but a sorry that you really mean.
So, you KNOW that you cannot stand that person. You KNOW that somehow the connection with that person is painful YET you are willing to go one step more. You are willing to free yourself from all this bondage of pain and suffering.

You are saying sorry to yourself.

For the pain that you are experiencing.
You are saying sorry from your heart because you KNOW that no person would want to cause hurt and pain if they were conscious. Yourself included.
No one consciously desires to suffer or to be in pain.
You KNOW that we act and react the way we do because we bought into the false assumption that it is the only way for us to find happiness. Ultimately we are all wanting and desiring to be happy even when we do things that are bad, wrong, unacceptable, hurtful and so forth.

You say sorry to yourself because you KNOW that that is what you would want for yourself.

You say sorry because it is the ONLY way to free yourself.
The more resistance we have towards saying sorry the more we require to say it. The greater the liberation from what we have allowed to hold us in bondage.
Saying sorry is hard, it is one of our greatest challenge. The ego has the belief that saying sorry is dangerous because it makes us weak and vulnerable. It thinks that it is admitting to being wrong. It things that it is in danger of getting hurt but this is not true.
Forgiveness is what heals our body, it is what heals others and our beautiful planet.
Saying sorry has nothing to do with being better or worse than.
Saying sorry to ourselves is coming to the realization that by NOT apologizing we are holding onto a poison that is killing US. When we refuse to let go, we continue to hold onto thoughts that are filled with fear and hate. When we do this, we add to the pollution of our own body and of the planet.
Saying sorry in your heart to you and to those that you think have hurt you, requires strength and courage. Saying sorry also requires to be vulnerable. Know that there is great power in being vulnerable, there is great healing to be had in being vulnerable.


What I KNOW is that when we say sorry to ourselves, we change our relationship with ourselves, we accept that aspect of ourselves that we did not like before, that we did not want and by doing so we also transform it and reintegrate it. By doing so we allow for others to transform to as we transform ourselves.
I KNOW that when I function from a space of forgiveness rather than fear, others will respond even if subconsciously because we are all connected. If something needs to change, i KNOW that I must do the change within FIRST.
Miracles truly do happen when we apologies, our barriers drop, and when others come around us they no longer feel the wall that separates them from us and they do are given a chance to lower their barriers. When our barriers are down, we no longer feel the need to defend and react. We no longer feel attacked. We release ourselves and others to.
There is another thing that happens, when we are no longer in resistance, defending, judging, we also change our inner vibratory field. When this happens, the field around us must also change, it must also transform and we not even required to do anything.


There is true power in saying sorry.
So next time you find yourself worked up in your head again because of THAT person, try it. Lower your barriers and say sorry. Again and again and again, for as long as you need. And watch how things start to transform around you.

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