Why you need to stop apologising for being you

Stop apologising for being you. 

You know when you say something wrong and you end up feeling sorry?
Or maybe you say something, the other person reacts, you feel bad about what you said and you play it over and over in your head, shaming yourself.
Let me tell you something.
STOP apologising for being you.
How many times do you make yourself feel bad?
Because of something you said
Because of something you did
Because of something you should have said or done?
But you know what?


You don’t need to apologise for being you.
You dont need to say sorry for being you
You dont need to feel bad about being you.
Being apologetic for being you is boring and totally un-loving to YOU.
STOP apologising for being you.
STOP needing everyone’s approval of you.
STOP looking for ways to make things better for people.
You don’t need to be ‘approved’ by.
You are great the way you are.
The people who require your apology are NOT people that have your best interest at heart.
The people who want to make you wrong are NOT people you want to surround yourself with.
The people who judge you are NOT people that appreciate you.
I used to be one of those girls, I used to be the person who would apologise even if it wasnt really my doing BECAUSE it made things better, because if i apologised people felt better about themselves.
I am really the type of person who would rather take the blame than stand up for myself and do you know where it took me?
Well…to put it bluntly…nowhere interesting!
Nowhere where I wanted to really be and certainly not with the people that i wanted to be around.
The great thing is that it taught me to stand up for myself. It taught me that I dont need to apologise knowing that I am never intentionally attempting to hurt anyone. It taught me to stand strong in my truth and to know who to allow in my close circle or not.
Because you see when you are surrounded by people that love you, that have your best at heart, you never need to apologise.
You never need to say sorry for being you.
You never need to worry about being you.
People who require your apology will only find satisfaction in you being LESS than.
STOP apologising for being you and start being you without apology even if that means that people WILL get upset because you act in ways that they cannot understand.
STOP needing to be the nice girl. because it doesn’t matter how nice you are, no matter how much you dont want to hurt anyone, you WILL.
You WILL say things that people don’t like
You WILL think things that people dont agree with
You WILL act in ways that people judge as bad
You WILL push people out of their comfort zone
It does NOT mean that you are wrong
It does not mean that you should stop being you
It does not mean that you should change
But it does mean that you need to continue being you
It does mean that the way other people feel is NOT your responsibility.
We are so keen to make others like us, we so want for things to be ok. But the truth is no matter what we do, there will always be people who require YOU to apologise for making them feel bad about themselves.
When I feel like apologising for being me. I STOP. It is not my role to go around apologising to people because they dont like what I do or say.
It is not even my business what people like or don’t like about me.
So STOP apologising for being YOU.
You dont need to prove yourself to anyone and if someone requires you to apologise to them, they do NOT have your best interest at heart.
When I feel like apologising I remember that THAT is not self honouring, that is NOT self love.
If you want others to treat you with respect, YOU will have to start treating YOU exactly in that way.
But first you have to STOP saying sorry for being you and start standing up for you.
So next time you feel the urge to apologise because someone doesnt like what you have to say, because someone doesnt like your ways. STOP and remember.
There is nothing wrong with YOU.
STOP apologising and start being YOU.

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