How to overcome procrastination

For many years I was a master procrastinator. You wouldn’t think so if you met me now but it’s true.I couldn’t figure out how to overcome procrastination. It was a big issue for me.

For the longest time, I wished things into existence more than I actioned them into existence.

I would get frustrated with myself because I was never getting quite the results I wanted.

And even more, I would give up before even achieving my goals.

Today, I am a hustler. I love taking action towards my goals.  And I do.

I take action on the dreams I want to reach and I take action for the dreams I want to physically actualise.

I took action to work and change my mindset. I took action to transform my body. I took action to transform my relationships. And I took action to finally BE happy.

But it didn’t happen overnight. It took me years to get to this point. It took me years to figure out how to stop being a master procrastinator and be a master action taker instead.

And if I can do it, so can you!

One of the reasons I was a procrastinator is because I had this belief that I was not good enough PLUS I was super shy. So anything that required some kind of effort was for me a double effort, physically, emotionally and mentally.

I lived my life like that, unwilling to stretch myself beyond my current capacity too much. And when it would all get too uncomfortable, I would simply stop right in my track and move onto something else.

Not today!

So what happened? How did I go from procrastinator to action taker?

Simple. I started getting to know myself. Stay with me. This isn’t about some magical formula to get you from where you are to where you’d rahter be. There aren’t any magical formula except for the rare case.

Amongst all the things I learnt in an attempt to overcome my procrastination, I can tell you that there was ONE key element that made all the difference.

That key element was my mindset.

I believe that procrastination has to do with

-lack of self-confidence and/or

-lack of clarity


So finding ways to improve your confidence in YOU, is essential.
We procrastinate because we don’t THINK we can, do it. Because we don’t THINK we are worthy.

The moment you start valuing you is the moment you start taking action that honour you.

Next is lack of clarity. That’s right, procrastination occurs because you don’t

1.know what you really want

2.remember why you want what you want.

You are in a mind blurr. When we don’t truly know why we want what we want, we tend to not go for them because willpower alone is not enough.

Willpower runs out UNLESS you have a reason why. The reason why = fuel.

The reason why you do what you do = action taking

No reason = procrastination. It’s normal. Afterall why should you do something if you don’t even remember why you are doing it.

On this note, there is something else that is important. The knowing part, it also doesn’t work if you are not doing it for YOU.

This means that if you are doing something to fit in, to look like someone else, to please someone other than yourself, it won’t last.

So if you are procrastinating on something that you think you should do because you want to get the same result as someone else, it won’t give you enough driving force.

So know what you want and know WHY you want it. and be honest with yourself.

Once you have identified your what and why, you can ask yourself this question:

What price am I willing to pay for not taking this action now?

The price you have to pay is simply staying where you already are now. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. It all comes down to your perspective. Because the universe is impartial. It doesn’t mind whether you take action or not.

There is no judgement but the one you give yourself and the one you allow others to label you with.

The moment you realise that whatever you choose, is ok, you also take pressure of yourself.

When you take pressure off, you suddenly gain more clarity around what you really want with your heart.

But asking the question

‘What price am I willing to pay for not taking this action now?’

serves as a checking in for you WITH you. With your dreams. An answer will come and you will know in your heart if NOT taking action is ok for now or if you actually do want to take action even if that requires some effort on your part.

This question is not intended to scare you nor is it intended to give you permission to criticise or bully yourself.

Asking yourself this question is a tool, to help you refocus on what it is you want.

What I found is that over time, it has become easier to take action. The taking action muscle is like anything else, it will become stronger with practice, to a point where you no longer have to even think about it.

But you must take the first step. That first step is not to FORCE you into taking action but to come back to your truth about what it is you truly desire. And know that if you find out that something that you thought you wanted and no longer want, that it’s ok.

The purpose of this life is not to pressure you into getting results nor meeting expectations. The purpose of your life is to create the best you, you want to be and to enjoy the journey whilst doing it.



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