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How being responsible will help you create the life you want

It’s interesting that when we think about being ‘responsible’, we think about commitments. What usually comes to mind are things like being a good person, a good parent, having a job, paying taxes, even doing things we ‘have’ to as according to other people is considered ‘responsible’.
Yet so many of us are missing the whole point of what being responsible means. Being responsible is more than doing what is expected of us, though that is a great thing.
Most of us are so quick to look at the things that are outside of us. Things that will confirm to us that we ARE responsible citizens, yet obedience and approval are not really what being responsible is about.


Being responsible has much less to do with others and a whole lot more to do with ourselves.

Most of us worry about what being responsible looks like to other people with little regards for our own selves.

But if we ever hope to create a life we truly want we must first become responsible for our self.

Taking responsibility for our self means realising that we create our own reality.

It means realising that we are not victims of our circumstances. That our current reality is always the direct outcome of many many many micro decisions taken over time.

Being responsible means coming face to face with our self. With our deepest fears, with our self perceived limitations and also learning to go beyond those.

Being responsible means that if we desire something, we are going to do what it takes to make it happen rather than complain and moan about it.

It means that we don’t choose to blame others when things go wrong.



How many of us are neglectful of our bodies YET blame society for advertising a sedentary lifestyle?

How many of us continue to engage in behaviours that we know we shouldn’t because it’s easier?

How many of us continue to think thoughts that hurt us?

How many of us ignore how we truly feel so that we can be accepted by others?

How many of us continue to live a life that we hate, that does not light our light or honour us, because it is the right choice?

Being responsible isn’t just paying taxes on time, it isn’t just arriving at work on time.

Being responsible means acknowledging what our heart truly desires and doing what it takes to honour OUR true desires.

In all, being responsible has nothing to do with looking after someone else. Looking after another is never a responsibility, but a choice and at best a commitment. On the other hand, we are all responsible for our SELF and for our OWN well being.

Being responsible has all to do with how well we are able to look after ourselves

Being responsible is doing the best we can as often as we can to be the best version of OURSELVES. It means taking care of our body, the only home that we’ll ever own by looking after our health.

It means being kind with ourselves FIRST, it means to be respectful and honouring WITH the thoughts that we think.

Many of us don’t see these things as responsibilities but more as inconveniences. Yet how could we hope to create a life and reality we love if we don’t first acknowledge and commit to our own well being.

What is there more important than one’s own wellbeing?

The truth is there isn’t.

The moment ‘act’ responsibly whilst we are disregard how WE feel, is total disrespect to the self.

How can we change the world if we cannot take the responsibility of being the greatest version that we can be.

And really… the sky is the limit here.

Once we can honour our truth, regardless of how others will receive our truth, once we can live in accordance with our truth is when we are being truly responsible. And by doing so, we also encourage others to do the same for themselves.

By doing so we allow others to step in their OWN potency, so that they too may be responsible of themselves. So that they too can be inspired to create the life they want.

IF you are not living the life you say you want, the question is, how come?

It is YOUR responsibility to create the life YOU say you want. Just as it is our own responsibility to identify the things that are not currently working or contributing to us and then doing what it takes to change it. THAT is true responsibility. The rest, all the external elements are but an extension of the internal and they will be honoured BECAUSE we honour the self first, rather than because we are expected to.


Which aspects of your self are you avoiding taking responsibility for? And how come?
What would it mean to you if you started taking responsibility for that aspect of you?
What would have to change? What would you need to face? And what would that mean to you?

But above all …

Are you really willing to take responsibility for creating the life you say you want?

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