A simple technique to overcome your limiting beliefs

What holds us down isn’t so much the circumstance in which we find ourselves but limiting beliefs we choose to believe and hold onto.

Circumstances are just that, the problem is when we find ourselves unable to go beyond our limitations.

For the most of us, we are often times not really aware of our limitations. We don’t HEAR them though we LISTEN to it. Our limitation stories is like ongoing background noise. It’s so ingrained inside of our mind that we no longer differentiate ourselves from it. We are completely identified with those limiting beliefs.

Even more so, we will go to great length to DEFEND and KEEP our limiting beliefs.

Isn’t it crazy to think that we are willing to suffer, fight, cry, be completely miserable and get angry and depressed BECAUSE of our limiting beliefs and YET we continue to keep them.

We continue to think that we can’t, that it’s too hard, that we are not good enough etc etc.

Let me put myself on the line here. I’ve been number one at this.

For 30 years of my life, I kept on my limiting beliefs, my stories and I can say that I honestly believed in them and as a result, made them TRUE.

Because we make our limiting beliefs true, we inevitable shape and create our reality AROUND these limting beliefs.

But there IS a way around it. You don’t have to continue to live with these limiting beliefs.

You don’t have to continue to create your reality around it. It can change, YOU can change it.

And I want to show you HOW.


I KNOW how it feels to want to do something and not giving yourself permission to do it

I KNOW how it feels to look at others and wonder how come THEY can do it and I can’t

I KNOW how it feels to go to bed feeling disappointed AGAIN because nothing is changing

I KNOW how it feels to feel powerless, like you’ll continue to struggle and like you’ll never become anyting great.

I know, because that was me. Because I too, would wonder why. I wondered for years. I would look around and see others, create their happy lives, the life they want but for ME, I was STILL in the same place.

Or at least it felt like I was.

I did a LOT of self-development work. I read LOADS of books, I invested a LOT in programs. Because I was so committed to improving myself and yet it seemed like nothing was working.

I continued to hold onto those limiting beliefs and I continue to go to bed feeling miserable because I just couldn’t seem to stretch myself beyond my limitations.

Until I got it.

I’m not going to say that I got it overnight. I didn’t. The road was a long one for me. It took me years to get to that point. But it doesn’t have to take YOU years to go beyond your limitations. It doesn’t.

There are techniques that work, techniques that will help YOU to overcome them and to finally create the happy life you desire MUCH much faster.

So what is that technique?

It’s a lot more simple than you would imagine, in fact it is so simple that most people won’t use it.
But I know that YOU will. You will because you are ready to change. That is the reason why you are reading this post.

You are tired of not feeling able and capable. I know. I get you.

The technique is a simple question. Stay with me here. Remember that for years, I have been doing self development work because I was always LOOKING for the miracle cure. And what I found is that there isn’t one.

But on the other hand I always seemed to come back to this one technique. This one simple question.

And the moment I really started looking INTO that question seriously is the moment it all started changing for me.

WHY CAN’T I CREATE [fill in the blank]?

The reason why it’s so important to ASK this question is because it will bring up awarenesses that you have not acknowledged. And the first STEP towards changing is to KNOW what you REALLY think.

This technique requires you to be honest with yourself. Being honest with ourselves sounds easy but very few people ARE. Many of us choose to live a lie, because it’s easier that way. Because it’s not so painful. Because we don’t want to rock the boat.

Many of us have NO idea what we REALLY think about ourselves. Even though we can hear the limiting beliefs we don’t think to LOOK them in the face. We don’t think to challenge them. Instead we adhere to them.

And the truth is, we don’t have to. You no longer have to let your limiting beliefs rule your life. You can if you want to but I know that deep down you don’t.

Deep down you are tired of living this way. Because you KNOW that something else is possible.

Take a pen and paper. Think about that dream you have, maybe you’ve had that dream for a long time. Bring it forward and ask yourself.

Why can’t I create […]?

Now be honest with yourself.

List all the reasons why.

It can be reasons like

– I’m not good enough

-I’m not pretty enough

-I didn’t get the right education

-I’m too young

-I’m too old


Whatever your reasons, list them down. Write them down.

Once you have written down ALL the reasons you can think of. Take time to REALLY read and feel into each one of them.

This is not a technique so that you can get it over and done with. This demands your total presence and attention.

It’s time to FACE your fears.

It’s time to read it, see it, feel it.

For every statement that you read to yourself, notice how it makes you feel inside.

You might notice that you feel sadness or disappointment. It’s normal.

Of course you will feel emotions, because your soul KNOWS that all of these statements are NOT true. That IS why it feels bad.

The thing though is that the moment that you ACKNOWLEDGE, truly acknowledge the limiting beliefs you’ve been holding onto for so long, is the moment, it will start shifting. A lot of the time you don’t actually need to do anything with it but to sit with it and see it for what it is.

You don’t need to analyse why.

Asking yourself why is an endless pit. Don’t go there. You don’t need to.

Use this technique as often as you remember.

Remember that if you have a dream it’s because you can have it. And the only gap between you and that dream are your limiting beliefs.

So let me ask you.

Why can’t you realize that dream of yours?

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