Stop thinking you are wrong

Stop thinking you are wrong! 

This took a LONG time for me to get. That just BECAUSE other people don’t agree with me doesn’t mean I am WRONG! In fact there is great value to stop thinking you are wrong!

For the longest time EVER, I had this idea that if others didn’t like what I had to say, that if they did not like what I did, that there was something wrong with ME.

For years this belief stuck to me. For years I wondered what was wrong with me. For years I wondered why I couldn’t be like everyone else. Normal.

But the truth is that not everyone is going to APPROVE of your ideas, of your thoughts and let alone your ideals.

Not everyone is going to GET what you are about, let alone your journey and nor should they have to.

The truth is our journey is our own and we are never required to get approval from others. Like EVER!

To live a happy life, we are required to follow our heart.

We are required to be brave enough to do and be who we ARE at heart REGARDLESS of what anyone else thinks.


Because the truth is that the people who really belong in our lives, these people will stick around. They WILL stand by you, whether they understand you or not. These people you can probably count on the one hand but THEY are the people who truly belong in your life.

It took me the longest time ever to STOP feeling bad and guilty about my choices.
Not just, it also took me the longest time ever to STOP feeling bad and guilty about being me. UNTIL I realized that if I wanted to BE happy I was simply going to HAVE to step up. I was going to have to take my courage and do the things that felt right for ME. AND continue to show up as me.

EVEN if that means NOT making the ‘right’ decisions in the eyes of other people.
EVEN if that means NOT being understood.
EVEN if that means going it ALONE because NO ONE wants to come.

I finally GOT that just because other people don’t agree with my ways doesn’t mean I am wrong.
EVEN if I am wrong for THEM.


Is there something you are stopping yourself from doing because others don’t approve?
Is there something you are refusing to choose because others won’t understand?
Is there something you are not achieving because others won’t like it?

What if you could just DO it anyway? What if you could simply choose for YOU. It all comes down to that.
It comes down to choosing YOU when no one else does.
It comes down to standing up for YOU when no one else will.
It comes down to continuing to show up as you when no one else approves.

We just need to remember that just because other people don’t agree that it doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

So if you have been feeling bad, if you have been feeling guilty for a while… for all your life even, this is just to remind you that you are NOT wrong. You don’t need to feel bad for your choices IF they’ve come from the heart.

You ARE allowed to do what makes YOU happy

You ARE allowed to choose for you

Stop waiting for approval.

Stop waiting for permission.

STOP thinking that you are wrong.

You don’t need anyone’s permission or anyone’s approval for that matter.

You DO need to let yourself off the hook. You will have to be brave and accept that there is NOTHING wrong with you EVEN when no one else agrees with you.

Stay true to YOU. YOU are the only one who knows who you are and which choices are best for you.

Maybe you are not yet ready to hear those words but in time you will come to realize this:

The only person you need approval from is YOU. And that the only person you ever need acceptance from is YOU.

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