On taking action

Have you ever been ‘stuck’ or waiting for the answer. for an answer, a sign, something? Have you ever been in limbo? Not really sure what the next step is or should be?

There can be many reasons why we are in limbo, sometimes the timing is not right and we know it deep in our heart, other times it has nothing to do with timing but choice. Taking action gives us answers.

We have choice, we can choose which way we’d rather go and we don’t. We just stay there in limbo. We wait for the ‘right’ time knowing in our hearts that it has nothing to do with timing, that we are really just fooling ourselves.

This post is about that. About the times when we just ‘don’t know’. Not because we dont have enough information but because we doubt. Doubt is often masked by procrastination, by uncertainty, and by lack of taking action. And so we simply don’t take action because… because because.

There are so many reasons why not taking action is more comfortable.

At least we know where we stand.

At least it feels familiar and no change and discomfort is required. So we continue to not take action.

As we do that, meaning go about our life not taking action in the direction of our dreams, we also tend to become more and more ‘confused’ or even more not ‘100%’ sure.

We continue to wait. Because we want to wait until we KNOW 100% that whatever it is we want to undertake is going to work. Over time, we do nothing because there can never be 100% certainty and because we are doubting more than ever by now.

BUT when we do take action, it takes us closer to that ideal of 100% certainty. Not overnight but over time.

Every time we take action, however small a step, we are able to KNOW if it is the right path or not.

Imagine being inside a maze. You have no map but your ‘instinct’ for a compass.

Imagine now that you are standing there … waiting to be 100% sure before you will take one way, before you will choose. Because you don’t know the way, you simply do nothing, you stand there, time passes, years pass eventually, you are still waiting for the ‘right’ time to try this new path.

You are worried that maybe you’ll fail anyway, ‘so what’s the point?’, right?

You don’t even think you can find your way out, so you just wait there until someone else comes along to show you the way. Eventually people come along and they want to go certain ways but you won’t really go because you are still not ‘quite’ sure so you wait some more and it’s too much effort anyway.

Over time, a sense of frustration grows.

You know you want to be somewhere else but you simply won’t choose a path.

It seems the effort required to go THAT path, doesn’t match up to the doubt you feel deep inside.

You simply refuse to let go of your fear of choosing the wrong path.

Imagine for a second that you did take the wrong path and all you had to do was try a different one. Imagine that each of the paths that you took were filled with treasures and tricks that you’d marvel at and collect and take with you.

Imagine that the maze was only ever intended for your own amusement, an experience filled with adventure, surprises, wrong turns and that it was the only way that you would even KNOW that the path you are taking was or wasn’t the right one.

Imagine now that, that is exactly how life here on earth works. The only reliable information we have is the one our heart is whispering to us. Most of the time we won’t hear it. We are too afraid.

Afraid to choose the wrong path forgetting that we always have a choice to choose again.

So we live a life half lived, because it’s safer forgetting that we cannot arrive to our death safely.

Often times, taking action is the only way. You know how the saying goes?

‘the only way in is through?

The only way through ‘not being sure’ not knowing is in the taking action.

Because it allows us to KNOW, in our heart if what we are doing, resonates with our heart or not.

Taking action allows us to face our fears and demons and decide to conquer them or if we don’t

Taking action takes us one step closer to where we’d rather be and a step further from where we KNOW we don’t want to be anymore.

Taking action IS the answer to the questions we so often ask ourselves on repeat, like broken records.

Taking action is the way through to where you want to be.

For a long time, I allowed myself to be a watcher. If anything I hated being a player in this life for the longest time ever. Until not being a player became more painful than playing.

Until I realised that playing was actually more fun than watching from the sideline.

Until I realised that whenever I’d take action answers would come to me. I’d KNOW with more clarity.

The point of taking action is to assist us in manifesting the life we want but it is also our way of figuring out what is right for US.

Because thought and action do not give the same insights yet both are necessary.

We always have a choice,

we can choose to be a watcher or we can choose to play

Neither is better or more right than the other

But taking action will give you more certainty about what you want than your thoughts ever will.

So next time you ‘don’t know’ just try taking a small action towards what you would like. One small step.

Not because it’s the right thing to do

but because it’s a way to find out if it’s the right thing for your heart

You will know.

Our heart always knows.

Above all, I came to know that taking action was much easier than staying in the same place afterall.

So what action can you take now, about something that you’ve wanted to do for like ever that you simply weren’t quite sure? What small action can you take that will help you have more clarity whether it is something that your heart desires or not?

And most of all, have fun taking action and playing the game of this life.

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