10 Paris Instagram Accounts you must follow
What I love the most about Instagram are the awe inspiring pictures. So I couldn’t help but put together a post about THE most beautiful Paris Instapages. Here are my TOP 10 Paris Instagram Accounts you must follow!


@Parisinfourmonths – 892k followers
Carin Olsson is the woman behind Paris in four months, Carin is a professional photographer who moved from Sweden to Paris after falling in love with the capital. @parisinfourmonths is a mix of glamour and Parisian Chic!


@mybeautifulpari – 9,482 followers
Norma Thiessen is the result of a Canadian girl who feel in love with all things French! Though Norma doesn’t actually reside in Paris, @mybeautifulpari is completely dedicated to the Parisian capital.
If you are looking for custom Travel Itineraries to the City of Love, then definitely check out @mybeautifulpari. The post is filled with places to visit as is her site. You will find all the information necessary for a memorable trip to the French Capital.


@fallingoffbicycles – 22.3k followers
Julia Willard is the eyes behind @fallingoffbicycles, the pictures on this feed are absolutely stunning. Julia has an awe striking way of capturing colours, buildings and of course bicycles along the way. This feed is true eye candy.


@am_bitieuse – 22.1k followers
@am_ambitieuse aka Ylenia is a Paris based Mexican girl who shares @am_ambitieuse as an online journal of her personal, artistic and professional evolution. In it you will find her many thoughts and passions regarding the city of Love. I love the vibrance and alive-ness behind Elena’s pictures. The page truly captures Parisian splendour with a Mexican touch.


@lostncheese – 56.8k followers
Lindsey Tramuta is the head behind @lostncheese. Lindsey is a food and travel writer. Originally from Philadelphia and the founder of the blog Lost in Cheese Land where you’ll find a travel guide to the city.


@georgiannalane – 34.9k followers
Georgianna Lane is a professional photographer who captures travel, flowers and gardens. Georginna’s work has been published in many books, magazines, calendars and greeting cards and is truly delightful. Her pictures are available on her site. Definelty worth checking out.


@aparisianmoment– 33.1k followers
@aparisianmoment was developed by a husband and wife duo. Pictures are also available for purchase on their Etsy store where you can find quite a library of stunning images of Paris.


@paris.la.douce – 10.3k followers
Caroline is the behind @paris.la.douce. Caroline is a true Parisian and shares both on her Instagram page and website all things Paris.
You will find a lot of information about places, culture and events right in Paris.


A photo posted by Roxanne Matiz (@leparisblog) on

@leparisblog – 13.4k followers
Roxanne is a New Yorker who fell for Paris during her graduate years in the City.
Roxanne now lives in Paris and you’ll find loads of eye candy of the Parisian City.


@theballondiary  – 125k followers
Anne Dawson is the creative genius behind @theballondiary. Originally from Australia,  Anne decided to relocate to Paris.
I love the way Anne has added her very unique personal touch by picturing herself with her trademark pink balloon in every picture.
I’d love to know what your TOP Paris Instagram accounts are. So feel free to comment and share below!

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