TOP 4 prettiest food insta pages

In this post I want to share my TOP 4 prettiest food insta pages! Seriously I have a serious fascination with pretty food. I am blown away by some of these guys’ creativity and what they can do.


@nectarandstone – 341k followers

Meet Caroline Khoo – the genius behind Nectar and Stone. Caroline is a dessert artist who hand makes ALL her deserts and who was initially known for her trademark divine looking pink and gold pyramid Choc.

There is simply nothing else like Nectar and Stone! We are talking divine looking deliciousness. There is no post on that page that will disappoint. Words that come to mind to describe Nectar and Stone are:



A photo posted by Li-Chi Pan ☁️ (@lichipan) on

@lichipan – 313k followers

Li Chi Pan is the artist behind @lichipan. Seriously Li Chi Pan’s page is so a lot of fun, I love how the food is disposed in the most clever ways. Li is a photographer from South Africa but currently Australia based.

You’ll find mainly food photography of … alas #beloveddonughts and #waffles and #icecream.

This page will make you wish you could arrange your breakfast and plates the same way.



@polabur – 98.6k followers

Polina is the head behind @polabur, she also has a travel and lifestyle blog with THE prettiest travel pictures. It’s pure eye candy if you like travel, lifestyle, food and prettiness.



A photo posted by Tara Milk Tea ? (@taramilktea) on

@taramilktea – 336k followers

Meet Tara another design creative from Australia. This insta page has a lot of #again #sigh donuts, and perfectly presented tables. Tara is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger as well. I love her pictures. Words that would describe @taramilktea?


What are your TOP instagram accounts? I’d love to find out so let me know in the comments below.

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