Truthbomb – people just want to be happy. We ALL want to be happy. EVERYTHING we do, we do for the pure sake of feeling happy. Whether we do something ‘good’ or something ‘bad’ the only thing that is driving us anytime, everytime is the idea that whatever we are about to do will either make us happy or bring us closer to feeling happy.

Yet many of us are quite under educated when it comes to knowing HOW to actually be happy.
We’ve been conditioned to think that being happy is selfish when in truth it is self less.
we’ve been conditioned to think that happiness needs to be deserved when in truth it is a birthright and we’ve even been conditioned to think that being happy is NOT good, that if you are happy SURELY something bad will come of it when the truth is the only thing that can come of happiness is more happiness.

It’s a while now that I have known that happiness is something you CULTIVATE.EVERY.SINGLE.DAY
Sure happiness is a consequence of external things happening that make you feel good but I am not talking about that kind of happiness. I am talking about the one that comes from YOU.

Have you ever wondered how come some people always seem to be happy?


Have you ever wondered why some people always seem sad and miserable?


what you practice becomes your way of being

If you practice happiness, you MUST become it

If you practice sadness, you also MUST become it


Cultivating happniess is like anything else really, the more you do it, the better you get at it. And the more CONSISTENT you are with it, the less you need to actual think about doing it and the more natural it becomes.

Happiness doesn’t JUST happen. The truth is that MOST of us think that it does or that it should and that if it doesn’t then there must be something wrong with us.

Yet, this is not how it works. Happiness is a way of behing AND a way of thinking. YOU have to WORK at it UNTIL it becomes natural. Second nature.

Just as you wash yourself every day to wash of the dirt of you, we also are required to DO the necessary to wash of the negativity of us. There are MANY ways that we can do this. It is not so much what you DO to feel happy that matters but THAT you do what you need to feel happy.

And not just, what matters also is that you DO it consistently. Meaning every day.


There are different approaches to cultivating happiness.


You can approach it from a space of BEING.
Like meditational practice
YOGA practice
Journalling, or all three for that matter.
The BEING practice is a going IN practice and the more often you practice these habits the MORE intune you are with yourself. This approach is not so much a doing but a BEING.

It requires you to truly connect with yourself.


THe doing way is a take ACTion way.
Such as going for a run when you are feeling unmotivated.
Taking a cold bath when you are feeling lethargic.

These are doing ways that allow you to CULTIVATE a state of happiness from within.
The secret here is that the BEING way and the DOING way are complementary. If you do one without the other, there will be an imbalance. You can BE all you can but your BODY will require ACTion of some sort to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing or we fall into the risk of becoming all sluggish and unmotivated and tired.
On the other hand you can DO all you want but if you do not CULTIVATE the BEING aspect, you may find yourself constantly on the chase for something else. Of something outside of you. Completely missing the point of what taking ACTion is about. Taking ACTion is again a complement WITH your being-ness.

BEING and DOING are essential to our happiness. The trick is to identify those moments when you are feeling down, unmotivated and to apply these practices on a daily basis. The idea is to  focus on ALL the practices that you can come up with that work for YOU or to just stick to one practice that you know works for you really well and to consistently do it, again and again. Even if at first you have to make yourself becuase you KNOW that doing it WILL make you feel better after and that it WILL add to your happiness.

The idea is to keep doing the things that work during the times that don’t seem to work so well for you to help you cultivate that state of happiness AND to allow yourself to access it more readily and mroe easily.
People who are happy CULTIVATE IT, PARTICULARLY when it feels overwhelming to do it.
Even more so when they dont feel like it.
Being happy is no longer an option.
It is a way of BEING.
Happiness is not a given and it is not a state of being that’ll just happen (though it can) but the thruth is to NOT become dependent on external situations to feel happy.  You don’t just want to feel it, you want to BE it. It needs to be a state of BEING. Through practice.
And when you feel un-happy IS when you want to apply everything you have learnt and PUSH through. With practice.
So practice it. EVERYDAY. Practice being happy. Challenge yourself to BE happy and see for yourself.
And when things get tough and overwhelming, feel all of it and then CHOOSE. CHOOSE to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to come back to HAPPINESS.

And repeat.

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