What are emotions for

Your greatest teacher isn’t anyone else though you might like to think so but that is a great illusion really. Your greatest teacher is within you and the best way to acknowledge is, is by the way you feel. Your emotions.


Every single person we come in contact with will reflect an aspect of ourselves. Parts of ourselves that we like and love and embrace as well as aspects of ourselves that we refuse to acknowledge. Aspects that we are afraid to acknowledge. And even though others are great mirrors and messegers, they are NOT the teacher.

Your emotion is.

The way you feel, the emotions that are stirred and brought up ARE the window into the parts of you that require healing.

Our emotions are ALWAYS reactions to. When we are truly present and still, we are out of the emotion. This does not mean that we stop feeling. We still FEEL, even more dynamically but not from a space of reaction. Rather from a space of deep inner stillness and peace.

We can experience that state during meditation for example, where everything feels incredibly alive yet there is no emotion.

The reason why many of us feel miserable is because we identify WITH the emotion instead of using the emotion as a window to deeper layers of ourselves. Everytime we identify WITH the emotion, we give our power away, unknowingly.

We unknowingly give our power away to family, friends, teachers, governments.

We buy into the illusion that others are responsible for how we feel.

We convince ourselves that the emotion is BECAUSE of the other person and that therefore THEY are responsible for how we feel. THAT is a great illusion.

Noone can make us feel bad, and no one can make us feel miserable or even happy. WE are the ones making ourselves miserable, sad and happy.
It is in how we interpret the emotion that we feel. In how we have been taught or have taught ourselves to interpret the emotion that is being felt.

When we experience an emotion we tend to automatically LABEL it. There is nothing wrong with labeling an emotion but it does cause unnecessary pain. It is not the emotion that causes the pain but the judgement we hold about it.


Our pain is caused by the thoughts we hold about how the emotion feels INSIDE our body.
But we approach it the wrong way around. The emotion is here to teach us.

It teaches us to be fully present with ourselves.

It teaches us to dive right in, deep within.

Instead we look outside, at the other person, at the circumstance holding the illusion that it is THAT which is outside of us that is causing the emotion. When it never was.

There IS great value in being fully present with whatever emotion we have labelled as bad or painful. Everytime we are present with our emotion instead of projecting it out onto a person, there is great possibility for healing.

As we integrate these emotions by going IN, we become lighter and our reality starts to shift and change to match our inner lightness.

We don’t need to fight the world or anyone for that matter. We only need to find the peace deep within ourselves and understand that WE are responsible for what goes on deep inside. Instead of JUSTIFYING the way you feel, look at it on a deeper level.

Justifying rarely takes us where we want. Justifying implies that we are victims. But this is not the case. We are no victim butwe ARE always responsible for how we feel no matter how much we dont want to.

Everytime an emotion comes up, is a great opportunity to integrate it and thus to release YOU from whatever is causing you to feel that way.


What am I feeling?
Why is the action or the words of this person affecting me?
What fear is this triggering? What does it mean to me?

UNLESS you really look into what is bothering you, UNLESS you FACE the emotion that is being stirrred, WHATEVER it is, it will continue to show up. Except the experiences will get more intense, more uncomfortable and more painful everytime.
UNLESS you are brave and courageous enough to face it
when you just want to run away and escape.
when it is uncomfortable
AND also when it IS painful KNOW that everytime you CHOOSE to face the emotion, without judgement, that you are also healing it at the same time.

Even though you may want to retract, shut down or react, don’t look to the other for explanations for why you are feeling what you are feeling. Look INSIDE of you. Ask YOURSELF why you are feeling that way, what it means to you.

ASK from a space of compassion, forgiveness and with gentleness. The idea isn’t to punish ourselves. We want to UNDERSTAND ourselves. To be more INTIMATE with ourselves. To get to KNOW the inside outs of ourselves so that we can be FULLY present with ourselves.

Remember that everytime you choose to face your emotions, you HEAL it at the same time.
Remember that the only way out is THROUGH. And the only way to heal is also THROUGH the emotion.

Nothing that is left ignored can heal. Nothing that is left unacknowledged can heal. Nothing that is left neglected can blossom.

When an emotion is triggered remember that emotions are NOT the enemy. Emotions are NOT bad or wrong. They are a window into deeper layers of YOU and they are your GREATEST teacher.

So next time, instead of projecting outside of you, remember to dive right in it.

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