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Maybe you’ve heard about the power of intention before or you may be familiar with it and even set your intentions regularly. Either way that’s great! What is just AS important if not more is to know what your REAL intention is. You know, the one behind the intention itself.


In everything that you do there is an intention, whether conscious or not, there is ALWAYS an intention.
But do you KNOW what that intention really is?
Do you know what the REAL intention behind ALL that you do is?

Have you noticed how you do things and even react to things often quite automatically?

What I mean is that you don’t really think about it, you just react to a situation. You react to a person, unaware of what is driving you to act and react in that way.

But here is the thing. How well do you know YOU?

Do you KNOW your intentions?

Do you KNOW why you SAY what you say?

Do you KNOW why you DO what you do? And why you behave how you behave?

Do you KNOW why you DON’T do what you say you are going to do? And why do you not say exactly what you mean to say?

What is YOUR intention behind all of that which you do?


Knowing your intentions allows you to KNOW the ins and outs of yourself.

It allows you to KNOW what matters to you. And most importantly it allows you to LIVE your life according to THAT WHICH IS important to you.

Our intentions ARE the driving force behind everything that we do. EVEN the things that we do that we don’t like.

Intention IS what allows us to create the life we want PURPOSEFULLY. It is what allows us to remain focused.

Intention is ALWAYS happening whether you are conscious of it or not. The thing is are you AWARE of what it is? And if not, how come?

Not being aware of your intentions means that you might do things as a reaction or as a consequence, rather than a choice.

You do things that are NOT aligned with who you are truly.

You do things that are NOT taking you closer to the things you desire truly.

Not being aware of your intentions means that you CREATE your life by default. You are the effect of your life.

What does being at the effect of your life means?

Being at the effect of your life means that you are NOT aware of what is really driving you. You are not fully conscious of why you do and react in the ways that you do.

Consequently this means that you are led by external circumstances. You are at the effect of external circumstances. You react to life rather than intend your life.

When you react to life you are not fully leading the boat as per say.

We are always creating our lives and we create life THROUGH our intentions.

When you react to a situation = you ARE creating

When you RESPOND to a situation from intention = you ARE creating

The difference will be in the outcome. FROM the intention that drove your response OR reaction.

Everytime we react,  our intention is to DEFEND or to ATTACK.

BUT WHY ? Maybe you feel threatened, maybe you are frustrated, afraid… whatever it may be BUT the key element IS that you are creating from THAT intention.
You are projecting INTO the future FROM that intention aka, you will get MORE of that intention into the future.

Knowing that you ARE creating your life at ALL moments (whether you believe it or not), wouldn’t you want to start creating FROM intention rather than from reaction?

When we create through intention it means that we take responsibility for our lives. It means that not only we KNOW that WE are the creators of our reality but that whatever we INTEND we WILL create.

So why not create what you want instead of what you do NOT want.

Creating through intention = creating the life you want

Creating through reaction = creating the life you do NOT want

At the end, you have a choice in how you choose to experience your life.


Setting your intention is a great way to get to KNOW yourself and to KNOW what you want.
It means that when you think what you think, you ask yourself “what is my intention behind this thought?”

When you want to react to something you ask yourself “what is my intention here?”

The simple practice of questioning your intention behind yours actions, thoughts and reactions allows you to:

#1 – be completely present with yourself
#2 – to get insight into what you are REALLY seeking
#3 – to get insight into whether what you are about to do or think is in alignment with the reality that you want for yourself

ALL of that with the purpose to CREATE WITH purpose.

Creating with purpose = setting clear intentions about what you expect your life to be.
Creating with purpose = taking responsibility for your life.

After all we are ALWAYS creating. Through our thoughts, through our fears, through our joys, through our actions and through our reactions.

But the question is what are YOU focusing on? THAT is what answering to this question is.

What’s your real intention?

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  1. AWESOME article!!! Exactly in line with a thought I had back in November and made a note of it in Evernote in my phone; we are always creating. Mind-blowing that I found an article that stated this verbatim.

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