What is your vibration level

Find out where your vibration level is at?

There’s quite a bit of jazz going on around vibrations and attracting things to us etc. A lot of us though are mislead when it comes to understanding what our vibration level is.
There is a belief that we attract what we think and although there is some truth to this. It’s also not very accurate.
The truth is we don’t attract what we think, we attract what we ARE.
And there is a huge difference between the two.

How can you tell the difference?

To know what you are, or in other words where you internal vibratory field is at, you observe your reality.
You do this by looking at the state of your relationships with others,  your financial reality, your current health and so forth.
Here is where it all gets interesting: energy is what makes up everything material.
EVERYTHING is energy, actually 99.9999% of all things is energy whilst only 0.0001% is physical.
What is even more interesting to note is that this energy field is affected and impacted by the mind. Everything we think and feel impacts our world. It moulds and creates it, whether we believe it or not.
That is quite important information when you think about it. What matters has less to do with what you do and a lot more to do with what you think.
If you do something but your mind believes something different you will NOT get the results you are looking for.
It doesn’t matter how much you try.
That is why you get frustrated.
Because you feel like you are doing everything we can yet nothing is changing.
The reason is that you are not addressing the root cause of the issue. It is the belief that is CAUSING the outcome, not the outcome that is causing the belief.

Our beliefs are what make us who we are, they are what make us act the way we do and do the things we do.

There is more to a belief than just a thought that we keep thinking. There is also a specific vibrational frequency that is attached to any given thoughts.
And it is THAT frequency along with the way we FEEL that creates our reality.
If you believe (consciously or unconsciously) something and feel that belief but take action that contradict your inner belief and feelings, you are wasting your time.
Nothing will change.
Say for example that you are looking at yourself in the mirror and you notice a zit on your face. No amount of cleaning (which is the doing) the mirror will remove the zit.
The external is not going to change, you MUST look to change from within.
You will waste less time and use less effort yet get a lot more results if you tackle it from the inside out.
As you look around and observe the life that YOU have created, you already know the external things that you don’t like and that are not working for you.
The challenge isn’t really there.
The challenge is to identify your inner beliefs.
THOSE are what you are and those are what are creating your reality.
Of course you cannot see  what the vibration looks like but you can feel it and that is more than enough.
The way you feel inside IS your best indicator of what your vibrational state is.
The issue comes when we misread how we feel with our thoughts, for example we might confuse excitement for fear or we might even confuse excitement for happiness.
That is why learning to be still and learning to reconnect with our inner self is important.
It is through quiet that we can reconnect with the self and it is that way that we learn to discern how we really feel rather than how we think we feel.
If you struggle with figuring out how you really feel, there is a technique that is quite simple.
Look at your reactions. Your reactions are highly indicative of the way you really feel about something.
The trick is to dig deep.
The idea is to get curious about the way you feel.
By being curious, you will get an understanding around your current beliefs.
THEN we can transform our reality.
The moment you transform your vibrational output, your external reality must change, it is one of the universal laws of this universe.
Sure it might not happen over night… though that can happen
Sure it will require a willingness to dig deep, deeper and then some
Sure it will mean that you will be faced with your worst fears
But if you want to start creating the life YOU want, it’s gonna have to come down to this.
It’s about getting honest with ourselves and how we REALLY feel.
Knowing that how we really feel is what is projecting our reality.
If we feel desperate and angry we will only attract more situations that reflect that despair and anger.
If we don’t feel abundant we will only attract situations that reflect the lack that we are currently feeling deep within.
Just because you think that you like something doesn’t mean that you feel deserving of it and therefore you will not be able to actualize it into your reality.
That is why you do not attract what you want but what you ARE.
And that is also why if you want to start attracting what you want, you are gonna have to look at what you feel and believe deep inside and start exactly there.

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