what to do when you are locked inside your head'

Do you ever find yourself thinking about the same things over and over? If so, this post if for you. There are certain techniques that you can apply when you are locked inside your head.

But what does being locked inside your head actually means?

Every time you are in a mind loop about a specific issue, you are locked inside your head.

Maybe you’ve had an altercation with someone a while back yet you continue to play the scenario again and again in your head.

You re-create scenarios of what you’d say now if the person was in front of you. You imagine that person’s response and create the perfect reply. You spend a lot of time going over the ‘perfect’ scenario.

Usually the one where you are made RIGHT. You are completely absorbed IN the scene.

But the most interesting thing is that you are not usually aware that you are IN a head trip.
You are not aware that you are getting satisfaction from the things you imagine yourself saying.

By now, you can completely picture how you’d feel and how the other person would feel too. You get instant gratification from playing the scenes over again, changing them until you are satisfied with how it should have turned out.

You are now locked in your head, playing mind loops with your imagination. You may have been doing so for years.

Do you recognise yourself through this? If you are like most people, you likely will.

But do you recognise how truly insane THAT is?

If you do not RUN your own mind consciously, it will run YOU.


What you are unware of is the amount of time AND energy you are spending EVERYDAY locked inside your head.

The more time you spend in your head, the more you reinforce that habit. Because it really all comes down to habit.

You have to TRAIN your mind.

Train it so it starts thinking thoughts that are generative and productive.

Train it so that it doesn’t spend all of its focus on things on which you have NO control over.

Train it so that it doesn’t get lost on things that are NOT constructive.

Train it so that it doesn’t get somewhat destructive to the quality of your thoughts and life.

But how to you start training the mind?

You can do it with one word.


When you find yourself stuck inside your head.


When you stop, you become aware that you are locked inside your head.

The moment you become aware that you are locked inside your head, you can choose.

It is the first step towards taking the control back over your mind.

A mind that is controlled is a PRODUCTIVE mind. It is a mind that creates on purpose and WITH intention.

RUN your mind or it will run you

Often times you will find that it’s not so simple to simply say stop to the mind when it has been running YOU for years.

The truth is that you may have been locked inside your head for so long that regaining control over it will require effort at first until you break the pattern. Until the habit is broken.

It does not matter how long it takes. What matters is that over time you WILL build a new muscle. The muscle of redirecting your thoughts where they are useful and thus regaining more and more control over your mind.

Developing the capacity to direct your thought is not something that happens by chance. It is not something that JUST happens.

It is a skill that you must work at, develop and use on a continuous basis.

The aim being to train your mind to be the useful and practical tool it was intended for.

The mind is really just like a child, if you let it act however it wants without direction, without intention, it will run havoc.

NOT because it is bad but because it requires to be guided.

Your mind requires to KNOW how to use its potential in a way that is productive and generative.

THAT is the purpose of the mind.

The issue when the mind is untrained is that it will loose itself in fantasies and in doing so it becomes self destructive.

In doing so it forgets the things that REALLY matter, it holds onto the past and projects into the future both of which do not exist.

When you can acknowledge that you are head tripping, you are becoming more and more aware of yourself. That means that you are more and more able to create the life you intend to live.

BECAUSE you know where your energy, time and focus is going.

BECAUSE you are not wasting precious energy on trivial things of which you have no control over.

BECAUSE you are no longer needing to be right.

This is a process that you develop over time.

It is NORMAL to be aware that you are head tripping, only to realize time later that you are back again locked inside your head.

That’s normal.

What matters is that you become conscious of where your mind is wondering off to as OFTEN as you can. THAT is what matters. Even if that means catching yourself in a mind loop 100 times in a day, that is fine.

Over time, the effort will lessen.

Over time, you will be able to spend more and more time OUT of your head loop.

Over time, you will be able to focus on the things that really matter and you will free yourself in the process.


There is one last tip to help you get out of your mind trip. This is useful when you just cannot seem to STAY out of the stories running your head.

Simply ask yourself this question:

” What is really going on here?”

Every time that you ask a question, insight comes.

It may not come instantaneously.

It may not makes sense right this minute.

BUT if you KEEP asking “what is really going on here?”, if you focus your attention but a few seconds asking that question again and again, you WILL manage to break the habit.

Pay attention to how you feel after you’ve asked the question.

You may notice that you feel calmer.

You may notice after a few minutes that you even stopped thinking about that thing in particular.

You may get an insight into what it means to you and so forth.

But at least ASK yourself a question.

Become curious around WHY you are looping in your mind because being curious is an open mind and an open mind is willing to transform.

Everytime you are locked in your head, remember the SAA process.

STOP . ACKNOWLEDGE . ASK … and repeat.

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