Do you ever find yourself stuck in your head? Going over and over in your head about a specific scene, something you said, something someone said to you. Do you want to know, what to do when you are stuck in your head? Rather than playing the scene over and over again?  Saying the things you wish you’d have said. Imagining the things you would say. Feeling the feelings you’d feel.
Have you noticed how you start feeling the emotions all over again? The anger, the frustration, or the pain. Whatever the scenario, you are reliving it, getting all worked up, turning it over and over in your mind, Playing different scenarios in your mind.
Now you are experiencing the scene again, you are living it all over again…as many times as is required until you find satisfaction in your head of what you would have said, of how the person would have reacted and how they would have seen how right you are and how wrong they were.
By now you are no longer aware that you are doing this.  You are fully experiencing the scene. You no longer have control of your emotions, you are in a mind loop, playing the same tunes again and again.
Maybe you have been playing this scene for a day, maybe for a week, it may even have been years that you are ruminating the same scenario.
When that happens you are no longer present. You have become stuck in the past, reliving it over and over, projecting it into the future unaware that this non presence will bring forth more situations that make you feel the same way.
Bringing awareness to our thoughts is SO important. It changes everything. As does being present.
What happens when we are in a mind loop, we are no longer master of ourselves. We are no longer in charge of our thoughts and actions.
The opposite is unfolding, where we have fallen back asleep. We are under the control of our emotions and no longer present in the moment. We go back in a time space reality that is but an illusion in the hope of finding internal satisfaction. We hope that by doing this we will find resolution for an emotion that feels too uncomfortable.
We have become so used to doing this that we are no longer aware that we are doing it. It has become normal. We don’t even question our reactions.
Everyone around us is also acting this way, it has become the only way that we know. We are no longer master of our minds, because it is our mind that is in total control. The mind takes us exactly where it wants, generally in a space of frustration, anger, sadness.
And we continue to feed ourselves with low vibrational emotions. All in the illusion that doing so WILL make us feel better.
What we don’t realise is that those better feeling states are only temporary. They do not address the real issue, they leave us more frustrated, angrier, sadder.
The things is we have become addicted to these low vibrational emotions. Even when everything is going well, it is always a matter of time before we experience these states of non presence, immersed in our mind loops.
Do you notice how you are pulled into these mental states?
Do you notice how you play the scenarios again and again?
Do you notice how you feel what you feel everytime you are back in your mind loop?
Do you noticed how powerless you are to your thoughts? How you no longer seem to be able to control them? How your thougths seem to be running the show?
Do you catch yourself wishing for your thougts to just stop?
Do you catch yourself getting upset because you just can’t seem to run the mind loop in your head?
Do you wish you could just STOP thinking about this loop?
The truth is there is no two ways about it.
If you want to transform your life and be free from your recurring low vibrational thougts that are keeping you in the same old patterns.
You will HAVE to make a decision,
You will have to CHOOSE
and you will have to COMMIT


But why would you want to commit to regaining control of your thoughts?
The reason is this:
As long as your thoughts are running YOU, you are NOT master of your life
As long as your thougts are running YOU, you are NOT in control of your actions
As long as your thoughts are running YOU, you will NOT be able to create the life you say you want
As long as your thoughts are running YOU, you will remain a victim of your circumstances.
If you do not believe it, you can take a look at your life. Has that situation improved since the time you started playing mind loops in your head?
Do you now feel better about it?
If you answered no, the next question is:
Are you WILLING to do what it takes to be in control of your thoughts and to start creating the life you SAY you want?
Is the answer yes or no?
Did you hesitate? Do you think that you can’t? Do you even want to be in control of your life?
To stop the mind loops, you will first have to become aware that you ARE in a mind loop WHEN you are in a mind loop.
That is the hardest part. You will have to develop the skill to observe yourself. We have to get to a point where we can observe our tendencies to fall back into a mind loop. The next challenge from there is to NOT engage in the emotional trip.
When we can do that, is when we are fully present. It IS presence.
When we are present, we are no longer controlled by our thoughts but we are in full control of our thoughts.
At first it will be a challenge. At the beginning we can only sustain presence for a few seconds before we catch ourselves being in the loop.
That is ok.
It is even normal.
Presence requires practice, it is a habit we are to develop.
We don’t need to actually do anything else with our mind trips. Bringing presence when we are mind tripping is key. The moment we can be present we are no longer tripping. The moment we are no longer tripping is the moment we are in control of ourself.
From that space, true strength arises.
From that space we are now able to transform our reality.
From that space we can create something greater.
From that space we no longer project and recreate the past into the future.
It is from that space that we become more and more conscious, being conscious means that we are able to SEE our thoughts and our actions.
Being conscious means that we are no longer run by our emotions.
We are no longer asleep. Unaware of why we are thinking what we are thinking and why we are doing what we are doing.
We become aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.
When we are conscious we are no longer mind tripping and when we are no longer mind tripping we have already transformed our reality.
Next time you are stuck in your head, next time you hear yourself thinking that you dont know what to do to stop thinking about that thing.
Remember to bring presence to your thoughts.
Notice what you are thinking.
Notice the emotions you are feeling inside your body
Notice the scenarios you are running.
And do this again and again, aiming to be present for as long as you can. Because today you may only manage to be present for 5 seconds but the next day, it will stretch to 30 seconds and the next for a minute and so forth.
There is no 2 way about it.
To get out of your mind loops, you will have to:
and Commit
Because once we do, is when we start taking control back of our mind, we step into our potency as creators of our own reality. We are no longer victims of our thoughts, perspectives, of our circumstances.
We become strong and clear in our mind and we start using our minds for what it was intended for.
To ASSIST us in creating our reality rather than using it against us. When the mind is running the show, it starts to run havoc. It becomes chaotic and undisciplined and in becoming so, it starts to be destructive. But you CAN control your mind if you choose to. You CAN transform your reality if you choose to.
At the end of the day, you are free to choose. NO ONE is making you think how you think. YOU are choosing to indulge in your thoughts or not.
It comes down to choice.
The question is
How MUCH do you want to take control of YOUR life?

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