Have you been wondering WHY you don’t do the things you KNOW you should do?

Like eat healthier because you KNOW it’d give you much more energy and you KNOW you’d feel so much better for it, yet you continue to eat the things you KNOW that make you feel like crap. Or maybe you KNOW you should exercise more but you continue to find reasons why you can’t. Chances are you are familiar with this scenario because we do it often… but the truth is, most of us do it but you can find out WHY you don’t apply what you KNOW you should in your everyday life and how you can start to take action to do the things you say you want to do!

There are many reasons and excuses why you don’t do what you KNOW you should be doing. We’ll often think that we lack  motivation or that we are just lazy.

But the truth is, it really all comes down to one thing!

It ALL comes down to what YOU believe.


Because it is your beliefs that will determine your actions and it doesn’t matter if you are convinced that something is right or that you should do it.

If you don’t BELIEVE that you CAN do it, if you don’t believe that it is right for YOU. then you won’t do it. Or you might start off well and then you will stop.

Has it ever happened to you, that you start something and then you just can’t seem to go to the end of it? You start something with great intentions, you are motivated, you can almost taste the results, the victory and then… you stop, before you even started seeing results.
That is because of your BELIEFS.

The one thing that will determine whether you will push through when things are less motivating or routine are your BELIEFS.

So how do you know what you believe in?

THAT is the KEY element because how can you hope to build your dreams if you are not even aware of what you really believe to be true for you?

Most people think that it doesn’t matter what they believe that if they can just repeat affirmations or worse, IGNORE what they believe that maybe things will get better anyway.


Things don’t just get better. Not by chance and not by wishful thinking.

It is NOT enough to have good resolutions. Good resolutions don’t work if you don’t believe that you CAN do what you say you are going to do.

What you want is to take a good look at what you believe. Take a good look at the things you tell yourself, things that you have told yourself so many times that you are no longer aware that you are telling yourself these things. Because it is these very things that you BELIEVE in that ARE the things stopping you from being where you say you want to be.

So HOW do you identify your beliefs?

There is a very easy and quick way to do this but it does require a willingness to do it, because remember that if you don’t know what you believe in, you are making things much harder than they need to be. If you don’t believe this, just look at what you have been doing until now.

How many times have you given up on something you KNOW is important for you to accomplish?

But it doest mean that you don’t have the willpower, it doesn’t mean that, that thing is not for you or that you don’t deserve it though it may well be the very things that you BELIEVE to be true!

Doing this process will require you to be honest with YOURSELF. This is all about YOU. But first comes an important question:

Are you where you say you want to be?

If you are not, then why not? 

Take a pause and write down ALL the reasons why you think you are not where you say you want to be! Do it! What stories have you been feeding yourself around why you can’t?

What are the BELIEFS that are stopping you from KNOWING that you CAN and that you WILL ?

What do you really believe in?

These beliefs have everything to do with your motivation and your determination.

Your actions or lack thereof are only side effects of your beliefs.

Determination and motivation never require force. When you KNOW what you believe in you stop the struggle against your own limitations. You only need acknowledge what it is you are resisting as a direct result of what you BELIEVE in.

The moment that you KNOW what you believe in is when things will start changing.

Acknowledging and facing your beliefs will allow you to achieve different results BECAUSE you can start taking actions that you BELIEVE in. Actions that are in line with your values, with your reality.

You cannot change something if you don’t first know how you feel about it aka what you believe about yourself. 

If you would like to start applying what you KNOW. Start by KNOWING what you believe.

Here is an effective question you can ask yourself every time you’d like to find out what your beliefs are:

‘What does being [fit / healthy / happy / nice / successful / organised ] mean to me?’
For example:
What does being successful mean to me? It means being seen

What does being seen mean to you? It means that people will judge me

What does being judged mean to you? It means I will be hurt

What does being hurt mean to you? It means I am not safe

What does not being safe mean to you? It means that I am not strong enough to look after myslef
HERE you have a BELIEF. If you BELIEVE that you are not strong enough to look after yourself, you WILL loose motivation and willpower at the first hurdle BECAUSE you believe that you are not strong enough to look after yourself.
It is not enough to say affirmations. It is not enough to THINK that you can do it.
You also have to BELIEVE it.
Once you have identified your beliefs, you can focus on creating new ones by consciously choosing beliefs that elevate you. The way to replace beliefs is to first acknowledge what is by questioning them.

Positive beliefs once you truly start to believe in them will greatly impact on the actions you take. They will feed your actions in the direction of where you want to go and they will allow you to keep going and to keep believing in your ability to accomplish your goals even when things get tough.

It is important to introduce new beliefs that MEAN something to you. Not just a goal. If you want to achieve a goal, you have to also know what it means to you.

What does achieving success mean to you?

It means that I am in line with the things that I love doing

It means that I can help those I love

It means that I can get paid doing exactly what I love

It means I am excited to wake up in the morning

It means that I get to explore my creativity

It means that I get to shine and share what lights me up

It means that I help others transform their lives for the better

Once you start KNOWING your beliefs and changing them for beliefs that actually serve you and that are in line with things you truly desire, it will become easier to achieve what you set your mind to. You will struggle a lot less in doing the things you say you want to do. Once you are aware of the beliefs that take you down, you will get back on the wagon faster when you fall off.

The idea is not to FIGHT your current beliefs.

The idea is not to put you down for all the thigns you say you want that you STILL haven’t managed to physically actualise.

The idea is to KNOW that if you don’t yet do what you say you want to do, that it is not because there is something wrong with you but simply becuase you are not listening closely enough to the things you are telling youserlf.

Once you start listening to the things you are telling yourself.

Once you start acknowledging and getting to the bottom of all the BELIEFS you are holding onto.

Once you start consciously swapping them for the things that really mean something to you.

THAT is when you will be able to DO the things you say you want to do.

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