Why you feel down and why it's normal
Ever feel like this? It’s normal.

Have you ever noticed how some weeks you are full of energy, optimistic and happy and then out of what feels like nowhere, your mood shifts. Your energy level drops, you feel annoyed, unmotivated, maybe sad or even frustrated. Have you ever wondered why? Why you feel down some days and not others?
Know that these phases are normal. We ALL experience them. It’s true that we experience them with different intensity but we ALL still go through these periods of highs and lows.


These periods are part of our healing process but what will determine how intense we feel them is how much we resist them. These parts of ourselves that sometimes (or often) come up are our shadow aspects. The more we resist these shadow aspects of ourselves when they rise up, the stronger the intensity we feel inside our bodies.
There is a way, a simple way, and even though it is simple, it is not easy but it WORKS.
What happens when you go through a slump, is that your shadow aspect is being reawakened. The shadow part of you is always within you, but most of the time it might be  dormant. It is the aspect of you that is pain. The un-healed part of you that is triggered when we are faced with a situation or person that awakens a past trauma. When these shadows arise, it might feel as though it is taking possession of you. You don’t really feel like yourself anymore and it is because you aren’t really yourself anymore.
The shadow is not YOU as a whole, but it is an aspect of you. And the reason why it is coming up is for nothing other than to be healed.


The shadow is NOT your enemy, it is more like a lost child, a child that at some point experienced an event as traumatic. During that time, the emotion that you felt wasn’t integrated and it got ‘stuck’ in simplistic terms into that time space reality. The lost child wants to be heard, and it desires to be acknowledged and loved but over time, it has learnt to grow on pain and as such, it looks for pain and for situations that re awaken that pain.
There we have a cycle, the shadow awakens, it experiences the pain it knows, the pain it is looking for as a reference point and when it has ‘fed’ enough, it will go dormant again… until the next time.
UNLESS, you are able to transcend it, so that it can become whole again.


When the shadow aspect awakens you might not realise it but you will either lash out at yourself, or others. You will tend to put yourself down, to beat up on yourself. You criticise and even hate yourself and others.


Even when this happens, know that there is nothing wrong with you.

Know that it is all normal, as painful, as uncomfortable as it all feels it IS part of the journey.

The simple way to ride through these cycles as they come (and the more you can do this, the less frequent and the less intense they will get) is to stop resisting. IT is to stop fighting yourself. Because in the end that is what you are doing. Fighting against you but it is a lost fight and a painful one.

The simple way out of these cycles is through.

Whenever you are facing these cycles remember to FEEL all of the emotions that are coming up. To NOT wish that it was any different. Because it is the way it is and in this moment or extended moment, the shadow aspect is asking for acknowledgement. It is asking to be heard and seen, like a child that is willing to bring out the worst jus for a little attention.


It is a very simple 3 step process.


When your shadow self comes up, you want to acknowledge what is. You can do this by saying

what is, is that I feel like crap right now. What is, is that I am angry now. What is is that I want to be angry etc etc

Then you just sit with whatever emotions are coming up without saying anything about them. It is energy moving through your body, thus, e-motion. It doesnt require judgement or analyses. The simple fact that you can sit with it, WILL transcend it. You dont need to do anything.

And lastly embrace that aspect of you, because it IS YOU. Embrace the good, the bad and the ugly as you would anyone that you LOVE with all your heart…. and watch the shadow transform. What you will find is that the cycle of pain will not last as long as usual. That it will not stay with you for so long. IF you can, acknowledge what is, sit with it and embrace YOU.

You might not think to do it everytime, you might not even realise that your shadow is awakened the moment it has but with practice, patience and gentleness, you will become better at identifying it and at receiving that part of you that is desperate to be felt and seen and heard.

Just remember, the way you feel is all normal and that nothing has gone wrong.

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